New Zealand Police Reopen Cryptopia For Business (Kind Of Sort Of Maybe)

The New Zealand police have announced that troubled cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia can now resume business operations, according to a report in The New Zealand Herald. While the country's High Tech Crime Group is still finishing up aspects of its investigation, the police have reportedly finished their portion of work with the group.

Despite the announcement, Cryptopia has yet to show any signs of life. The exchange's website still shows the team's original notice from the January 14 hack, and Cryptopia's Twitter account has been silent since January 27, when the exchange last updated users on where the police department was in its review.

Anyone looking for closure might find this rather unsatisfying. The police did not comment on when charges will be made and how much was taken from the exchange. An early report from the blockchain analysis platform Elementus showed that $16 million in Ether and other ERC20 tokens was stolen from 76,000 user wallets over the course of five days. A few days later, Elementus found that a second hack occurred on January 28, targeting 17,000 more Cryptopia user wallets. That hack managed to take an additional $176,000 in Ether.


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